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LEAD Management Software:

A SAAS solution to capture leads from multiple sources and to respond efficiently to them. 

  • Capture your leads from incoming calls, text messages, incoming emails, whatsapp messages. You can also enter a lead manually.
  • Use the cloud data on android mobiles to engage with your customers and to manage your leads database.
  • Update the lead after each event initiated by you or by your prospective customer. 
  • Save your documents, images and brochures for instant use while communicating.
  • Log all associated events automatically when you initiate actions
  • Add to the log, manually, when events like a physical visit or a demo happens.
  • Generate reports-detailed or summary thro' flexible filters 
  • Templates for mails and messages, appropriately categorized, speeds up communication while minimizing errors.
  • Build a hierarchy of users with appropriate profiles to manage your leads
  • Automatically assign leads to different people as per their profile.
  • Define activities and trigger events 

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